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Start with a clean cup.  We recommend using an alcohol wipe. Allow to dry completely.

Next, measure your cup and trim any excess pieces that may overlap.  

Peel the wrap off of the white backing that comes with it.  Make sure all pieces lift off while peeling.

Make sure the wrap lined up correctly and began pressing, starting with one side and working around the cup.  Remember: These wraps are permanent, once your wrap hits any surface, it WILL stick, pulling up on it may result in your decal breaking.  

Once you have worked all the way around the cup, go over each part with a squeegee.  Make sure there are no air bubbles as you go.

Your last step is to remove that clear film carrier sheet.  Go slow, the carrier sheet may be hard to remove - just go slow.  When peeling, we recommend you peel back laying the film back onto itself rather than pulling it UP while peeling.  

The Craft Hut is not responsible for user error.  This includes - but is not limited to - damage while applying the wrap or damage from washing.


These are to be hand wash only!  They are permanent. For Cups: DO NOT PLACE IN THE DISHWASHER.

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