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Neoprene Car Coaster

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2.75" Neoprene Small Car Coaster 

Heat press settings:
- temperature - 385degrees F
- dwell time - 45 seconds
- pressure - light to medium

- The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand and model ink and paper
and atmospheric conditions.
- The layers of soft paper towel helps to distribute the pressure evenly
throughout the substrate and absorb any stray ink that does not get
transferred to the product due to an overprint or bleed edge.
- To adhere the transfer to the substrate use repositionable spray on the
transfer instead or in addition to heat tape.

Layer the press from the bottom pad to the top heat platen as follows:
1. teflon sheet or scratch paper
2. 4-5 layers of soft paper towel
3. substrate (coaster)
4. transfer
5. teflon sheet or scratch paper

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