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Schedule a paint night with you and 5 or more of your friends! We can book a private workshop on any week day after 5:00 or any Saturday after 3:00. Pick a day off the drop down menu. There is a deposit required, depending on the type of paint party prices vary per deposit. Book 8 or more people and your deposit will be refunded back to you! Workshops start at $30 a person, max of 12 people per workshop. 


Once your workshop is booked we will send an email to you and set up a private event on Facebook to gather everyones designs to do for the paint night along with any other requests you might have. We will have 10 design options we will send over for you and your guests to choose from. We are also open to any custom request designs. All designs should be picked out within 3 days of your booked party to make sure everything will be all set when you and your guests arrive at the workshop!